Our commitment to safeguarding

We want to ensure that all young people at Code Club can develop their digital skills in a fun and safe environment. Code Club is committed to following best practices when it comes to safeguarding, and we do all we can to make sure that club organisers and volunteers know how to protect themselves and the children they work with.

As part of starting a Code Club, we ask that all club organisers and volunteers obtain any necessary background check needed to work with young people in their country.

At Code Clubs in schools, volunteers should always be supervised by school staff during the sessions.

How to report a safeguarding concern

A safeguarding concern is anything that makes you think twice about a child’s safety or welfare.

If you have a safeguarding concern, you should first raise it with the the staff managing your club venue. If the concern specifically relates to the running of your Code Club, you should then also report it directly to the Code Club team using our safeguarding report form.

You can also contact Lorna Gibson at [email protected] or at 07958 592 742.

Safeguarding policy

Our commitment to following best practices that promote the welfare of all children, young people, and vulnerable adults is set out in our safeguarding policy.

Read the safeguarding policy


We’ve put together some easy-to-follow guidelines for keeping young people safe for all our volunteers and club organisers. You can also check out our video Keeping children safe, which sums up the key information you need to know about safeguarding.

How to get a background check

Before starting a Code Club, volunteers and club organisers must complete any necessary local background checks specified by law in the club’s region.

Not sure what background check you need or how to get it? Check out our guide: How to apply for a background check