What is Code Club?

We provide free projects and resources for schools to start their own free Code Clubs. In the clubs, young people aged 9–13 create games, animations, and websites using computers by following our specially tailored step-by-step project guides.

Code Clubs take place in schools and for the schools' students. The clubs normally run for one hour a week and have around 15 participants.

We, the team at the Code Club organisation, support a global community of volunteers, educators, and partners in 160 countries to set up free after-school coding clubs for their communities.

What do young people learn at Code Club?

At Code Clubs, young people use our free step-by-step project guides to create computer programs and learn coding concepts along the way.

What is coding?

Coding is giving instructions to a computer to tell it to do things. Learning to code is a bit like learning a second language, because to give instructions to a computer, you need to put the instructions into a language the computer understands.

Watch our short video 'What is coding' to let two Code Club members tell you more.

Find a Code Club for your child

Most Code Clubs are run in schools and attended by the school's students.

If your child's school doesn't have a Code Club yet, then talk to a school teacher about getting one set up. We provide a letter (rpf.io/parent-school) and a flyer (rpf.io/schoolflyer) that you can pass on to them.

We give schools support to get their club set up, free online training for teachers, and free step-by-step project guides for running the club sesssions. In the sessions, the Code Club members can use any standard computer equipment the school already has.

Read this guide for more information about starting a Code Club at your child's school.

Coding projects for you to try at home

We have more than 70 coding projects that are free for anyone to access. The projects' step-by-step instructions have been specially developed to guide young people to create games, animations, and more with code.

Try our free projects

Learning safely at Code Club

We want all young people to develop their coding skills in a fun and safe environment. This is why Code Clubs are committed to following safeguarding best practices.

Read more about safeguarding at Code Clubs