Setting up a club

Code Club provides free projects and resources for you to run a Code Club for children aged 9 and above in your school.

You don’t need to have coding knowledge to run a club. Using our step-by-step project guides for Scratch, Python and HTML/CSS is a great way to learn skills and build coding confidence for both you and your students.

You can choose to run the club by yourself, or if you’d like some help, you can advertise for volunteers in your local area through our website.

A boy attending a Code Club works on a laptop while another child beside him points at the screen

Give one hour a week to inspire the next generation

Any teacher can set up and run a Code Club, whether they are familiar with coding or completely new to it — because they will learn alongside their students. Our free projects take the work out of session planning, and no special equipment is needed.

Get your Code Club started

Step 1: Create an account on our website.

Step 2: Register your school on our website. You don't need to register the children in your club - just enter the school details and you're ready to go.

Step 3: Use the free Code Club projects, which are step-by-step guides for the children to follow, to run the club sessions.

Step 4: Check out the extra resources for active clubs in your dashboard. We have session plans, certificates and much more!

What do students get out of Code Club?

When Sophie set out to run a Code Club in her village school in rural North Yorkshire, she had no idea how much impact her weekly coding sessions would have on her learners. Watch Sophie’s video to find out how Code Club is supporting the children’s confidence, creativity, and more.

Hear from Sophie

Clubs get great benefits!

Once your Code Club is set up on our site, you’ll have access to great benefits, including our Club Organiser Pack filled with useful resources (such as downloadable certificates and posters) to help you get started.

Register your interest in just a few minutes, and the team will be in touch with everything you need to know.

Two young Code Club members smile as they code together on a laptop

Equipment for your club

You'll need some desktop computers, laptops, or Raspberry Pis for your club — but don't worry, Code Club is designed to be flexible, so you can use the hardware that you already have to hand to set up your sessions in a way that suits your club.

How Code Club will support you

Our team are here at every stage to support you with setting up a club in your school.

  • Attend one of our online training events for help and support - with sessions for new and experienced club leaders
  • Email us for support, or if you have questions at any point
  • Our FAQs page is also full of useful information