Inspired by examples from our community, here are three ways you can continue to provide fun, creative learning opportunities for your club, while safety measures are still in place. You can combine the options and activities that work best for you, depending on your current situation, local health guidance and your club members' needs.

It is not safe to run in-person sessions right now.

We recommend:

I am able to run in-person club sessions with no safety measures.

We recommend:

In-person sessions

In-person sessions during the pandemic need to run in compliance with guidance from your local health authority and host venue. For example, this may mean using safety measures regarding hygiene, social distancing, and check-ins.

In-person sessions guide

When planning in-person sessions, consider:

  • Following local public health and host venue guidance
  • Implementing measures for social distancing, cleaning and contact tracing
  • Communicating the safety measures to all club members

Online sessions

You can run online sessions using video conferencing or live-streaming tools. In online sessions, young people work on a project together, or they work independently on different activities. Volunteers support them to write and debug their code during the session.

Online sessions guide

When planning online sessions, consider:

  • The safety of children online
  • The tools you will use
  • How to communicate with parents

To help you get started:

Tips for supporting your child to attend an online session

Online code of behaviour for young people

Comparison of tools table

Session structure template

Remote activities

If you can’t meet in person or run online sessions, you can send remote activities for young people to complete at home in their own time. You can also use this sort of activity to complement your online or in-person sessions.

Remote activities are an excellent option if it is difficult to schedule a suitable time for online sessions, or if your club doesn’t have enough volunteers to run online safely.

Remote activities guide

To help you get started:

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Using these options flexibly

You may need to adapt how you run your club if the safety guidance in your local area changes. Feel free to combine online, remote, and in-person activities and mix up your approach to suit your evolving circumstances.

For example, you could let students or volunteers who need to stay at home join your sessions online, or you could combine online sessions and remote activities in your club.

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