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Start a Code Club at your school to bring coding to young learners in Ireland!

Resources and support

When you start a Code Club, we provide additional resources for your club, such as a welcome pack to help you get started and downloadable certificates.

Develop your skills

Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides encourage young people, volunteers, and teachers to learn Scratch, HTML/CSS, and Python while creating their own games, animations, and websites.

Be part of the community

Anyone can set up and run a Code Club, whether they are familiar with coding or completely new to it. Join volunteers and educators across the world today and inspire the next generation of coders.

Meet Darren!

Darren helps people across Ireland to start new clubs. He also provides training, ongoing support, and guidance on our resources to the existing Code Club community. Darren believes that coding is an essential skill all children should learn.

You can email Darren at [email protected].


We run regular training and events to support the global Code Club community.

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Monthly Online Community Meetups

Join Darren, Code Club & CoderDojo Champion, for our monthly Community Meetups on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, commencing January 19th.

Our monthly community meetups are informal open forums designed to provide an opportunity for those who run clubs to come together and share experiences and challenges related to running our respective clubs with our peers.

Find the next meetup and sign up on our events page